Azerbaijan’s attempt to mislead Egyptian public with cheap materials is doomed to failure – Armenian Embassy Attache

YEREVAN, MARCH 15, ARMENPRESS. It is ridiculous when a person speaks about freedom and honesty of diplomacy who has no idea about diplomatic ethics and rules, Armenian Embassy’s Attache Stepan Gevorgyan commented on the disinformation published in one of the Egyptian media by Azerbaijani embassy’s consultant, press service of the Armenian MFA told “Armenpress”.

“We consider it unnecessary to enter in a debate with the so-called consultants who are incompetent and have morbid notions of the truth. Our belief is that the professional mass media must not pay attention to such provocative materials that contradict to the journalism rules. Mr. Mashad’s desire to please his customers is understandable, but we would recommend not to forget about conscience. Of course, it is surprising that during 10 years the Azerbaijani embassy didn’t teach him these diplomatic rules. As for the author’s ungrounded statements and remarks, they repeat the same delusions of Baku’s totalitarian regime that aim at spreading xenophobia, racism. It is not a news for us, and we have to listen the same recording for more than 25 years”, Stepan Gevorgyan said.

Stepan Gevorgyan said he is confident that Azerbaijan’s attempt to mislead the Egyptian public with such cheap materials is doomed to failure since the racist phenomena cannot have a place within Egypt’s millennial multicultural society.



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