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People included in Azerbaijani “persona non-grata” list do not care about it

YEREVAN, AUGUST 5, ARMENPRES: Blogger Samvel Martirosyan gathered and the reactions in including more than 360 people in Azerbaijani “persona non-grata” list and left a note in the blog of “Caucasian Knot” website. “Armenpress” reports that the blogger is at first surprised on the Azerbaijani statement that people recognized “persona non-grata” visited Nagorno-Karabakh bypassing Azerbaijan. He introduced opinions of several people included in “black list”.

Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin wrote that he was included in the list because of visiting Armenia. “Armenia and Azerbaijan have tensioned relations because of 1992-1994 conflict although both of them are CIS members. To be honest Azerbaijani position towards Armenians is too complicated and Azerbaijanis themselves can not explain the approach of their government. Or official Baku does not recognize Armenian statehood considering that territory of Armenia including Yerevan must enter of into its composition or it is about Karabakh. In Azerbaijan emotions are mixed with reality”.

Danish specialist of Informational technologies Gert Laursen wrote in his facebook account: “I found myself in pleasant environment of parliamentarians and artists. I will celebrate my new status with Armenian brandy tonight”.

Irina Kovalchk from Ukrainian newspaper “Today” wrote: “Each professional reporter who writes on internationall issues including about unrecognized republics should visit their territories. If I had to choose between understanding the essence of the conflict, looking for ways of settlement of the problem and possibility of visiting Azerbaijan I would choose my professional interest. Ukrainian foreign ministry will not apply to Azerbaijan; I do not care about their step.

Political scientist Vladimir Zakharov informed that he does not desire to visit Azerbaijan, reports “Regnum” agency. “Do they think that they will prove their truthfulness by banning me to visit Azerbaijan? What do they want to reach? I have no wish to go there. I have been there twice during Soviet period but it does not mean that I desire to do it again,” wrote the political scientist.

Priest Andrei Kuraev left the following note in his facebook account: “Now I am “[ersona non-grata” in Azerbaijan for visiting Nagorno-Karabakh in 2010. It is true that I have been there and I liked there a lot. But after it I visited Azerbaijan. Why do Azerbaijani foreign ministry reacts so late?”

Some days ago Azerbaijan publicized a black list where are included more than 330 political, social, cultural figures whose entrance to Azerbaijan is banned. 

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