Minsk Group Co-Chairs clearly know the aggressor party, says Sargsyan

10:23, 17 July, 2017

YEREVAN, JULY 17, ARMENPRESS. The Minsk Group Co-Chairs have no doubt, they clearly know which side is the aggressor and escalator, and ceasefire violator, Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan said during an interview with Armenia TV, commenting on observations what the Minsk Group and/or the international community are putting the equal sign. The president doesn’t share this view.

“At least three times it was very clearly pointed out as to which side is violating the ceasefire regime and how else should the Minsk Group or the international community act? By pointing out Azerbaijan every time, and everyone is sure in this, you can be sure that the violating side is Azerbaijan, I will touch upon this a bit later, but how should they act by every time pointing out Azerbaijan: this will mean to encourage the Armenian side: to give a much harsher response or to take more serious measures. Honestly, I once had a lengthy conversation with a representative of a co-chairing country in a semi-official setting and I said: Why aren’t you clearly pointing out? He said – you know, in case of pointing out we might become a party and everyone might think that we are engaged in pro-Armenian policy, while our task is to resume the negotiations process, because there is no alternative to it, the alternative to the talks are military operations, which is undesired for us also, perhaps first of all for us, because the life of our officer, the life of our soldier is very valuable for us”, he said.

Speaking on the July 4 developments, the president said that he doesn’t find it to be some sort of a new phase in the conflict, because the tension in the line of contact has been there for a long time.

“Unfortunately, and occasionally incidents of local significance happen, which, due to the sides, let me put it this way, due to the press of the sides gains also wide public resonance. These are usually the cases which claim lives and the July 4 developments in my opinion were due to this”, he said.

Speaking the occasion escalations in the Karabakh-Azerbaijan line of contact, the president said: “As to why is there escalation for a lengthy time now, I believe it is clear and understandable for many. After Azerbaijan almost openly decided that it must refuse from the solution of the issue based on the Madrid principles, it didn’t remain with any other way or exit. If it refuses from the suggested option and there is calm at the borders, then in both the international community and in Azerbaijan an opinion will be created that Azerbaijan has put up with the situation, with the status quo, therefore an escalation is required, incidents are required, in order on one hand to have facts for its own society that they are supposedly continuing to struggle to capture NK, and on the other hand to constantly remind the international community that they are not putting up with such situation”, he said.


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