Greek-Armenian singer Athena Manoukian wants to recognize Armenia better

12:00, 16 September, 2015

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 16, ARMENPRESS. Greek-Armenian singer Athena Manoukian is not afraid of failures. The 21 year old singer states that it is impossible to achieve success without any failures. When describing Athena the fans first of all speak of her candid and beautiful smile. The Armenian fans were looking forward to meeting with Athena.

Athena has been in Armenia for the first time

It’s the first time I have been in Armenia. I feel really great, it was one of my biggest dreams to come to Armenia because my roots are Armenian. I have been in Swan Lake and the Cascade was really amazing. I visited Opera House. I also saw a really nice statue of Komitas. I really want to visit some places outside Yerevan. I want to visit Geghard.

Participation in a music festival in Armenia

I performed with The Gentleman's band and it was a nice collaboration.  I got so much energy, it was one of the best experiences.

It was amazing performing in Armenia for the first time, I feel like I already know the Armenian people because my roots are from here, so I feel like home.

Daughter of an Armenian family

My great grandfather was Armenian. My parents were born in Greece. My father’s surname was Manoukian. My grandfather’s father was Armenian and he wanted to bring his family to Greece. He happened to know a very rich man and that man told him if he could transfer his belt with diamonds to Greece, then he would help him to bring his family to Greece. So he did it and I think that’s why I live in Greece.

…I have a 17 years old brother, he’s a musician too, he plays various instruments, we are a music family. My dad used to sing a lot.

Goddess of wisdom

Athena is a goddess of wisdom so I think my parents wanted to give me a touch of wisdom. I try not to be too serious but I like to think wisely. I love my name.

My family supported me very much. I started to sing since I was very young. My dad and mom were always by my side.

Athena’s first steps

I started my professional career when I was 12 years old. I participated in a music talent show; in a TV show, and then I took part in Eurovision junior contest. I was thirteen years old and did not feel any competition, we were kids and we were having fun. Junior Eurovision contest was one of the best experiences. I liked being on stage, singing performing. I took part in lots of concerts. It would be an honor for me to represent Armenia in Eurovision song contest.

Achieving goals

I have many goals. I am a perfectionist, a workaholic. I can’t say I have achieved everything I wanted. Every day there’s something more to achieve, that’s progress.

I have many dreams

I have many dreams. I am really happy because now I do what I love and this is all I want, so I am happy, I am living in a dream because I it’s a job and a dream at the same time.

Future plans

I’d love to come to Armenia very soon, and I am telling my manager every day that I want to come soon. I love meeting Armenian fans as I can feel the vibe, the energy they give me. It is also in my plans to have an album.

To Armenian fans

I want to tell my Armenian fans that I love them I had a great time with them. I will come back very soon to meet them again. Be happy, never feel upset, believe what you want to do and don’t listen to anyone, If you want to do something just do it. Whatever comes there are going to be a lot of failures, just ignore it this is the way to do it. My favorite quote is: ” It seems impossible until it’s done.”

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