There is progress in several directions on Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiations - FM Mirzoyan

19:32, 25 May, 2022

YEREVAN, MAY 25, ARMENPRESS. There are several directions on the Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiation table where some progress has already been registered, there are directions where the positions can or have the opportunity to coincide, ARMENPRESS reports Foreign Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan said during the parliament-Cabinet Q&A session, answering the question of MP Lilit Kirakosyan from Civil Contract Party about the perceptions of the Armenian side on peace and which perceptions of Armenia and Azerbaijan coincide and which do not.

"Your question, in fact, is about all the possible nuances of the whole negotiation process. Of course, I will find it difficult to answer all the sub-questions now, but the Prime Minister has already spoken extensively about those topics. I can only add that what is on the Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiating table is quite transparent, public, there are several directions in which we already have some progress, there are directions where we are still trying to understand the possible points where the positions can or have a chance to match.

For example, there is already some progress on demarcation, delimitation and security issues. You are aware that yesterday the Deputy Prime Ministers and the commissions headed by them met on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border and at the first meeting they discussed the working and methodological issues. There is an agreement to organize the next meeting in Moscow. Of course, there are certain ideas.

Another direction is the opening of transport and economic infrastructure, there are also certain coincidences and ideas here.

I have spoken about this many times, I can reaffirm that all the roads to be reopened must be under the sovereignty of the countries and the laws of the countries through which they pass. There are other coincidences, I am optimistic in this respect," Mirzoyan emphasized.

The Foreign Minister reaffirmed that the "Zangezur Corridor" with the logic that was being circulated a year and a half ago, by which the Azerbaijani side was trying to present, is unacceptable for Armenia, and it seems there is a general perception that it will not happen.

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