The USA will strive to approve Finland’s and Sweden's applications for NATO membership. Biden

21:32, 18 May, 2022

YEREVAN, MAY 18, ARMENPRESS. The US authorities intend to work with NATO allies to approve applications from Finland and Sweden to join the alliance as soon as possible, ARMENPRESS reports US President Joe Biden said.

"I warmly salute and strongly support the historic bid of Finland and Sweden to join NATO and look forward to working with the US Congress and NATO allies to quickly accept Finland and Sweden into the strongest ever defense alliance”, reads the written statement of the US President.

Biden stressed that Finland and Sweden are longtime partners of the United States. "By becoming a member of the NATO, they will further strengthen our defense cooperation and contribute to the alliance," he said. Biden said he will meet in Washington on May 19 with the President of Finland and the Prime Minister of Sweden to hold talks on joining the bloc.

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