‘We will form government of national consent’ – Bright Armenia party’s Marukyan addresses nation ahead of snap polls

16:24, 18 June, 2021

YEREVAN, JUNE 18, ARMENPRESS. Edmon Marukyan, who is leading the Bright Armenia party’s electoral list for the June 20 snap parliamentary elections, has addressed the Armenian people ahead of the snap polls.

“The Armenian history shows that when our ruling houses have fought against one another leaving aside the external threats, the enemy, by using this situation, has attacked our statehood, our kingdom, and both the kingdom and the ruling houses fell.

Centuries later the Armenian people gained statehood, and 30 years after that today the Armenian people are again divided by groups hating one another, fighting against each other, and the enemy is again taking advantage of the Armenian people’s internal division and weakness. And the Armenian people again are fighting against one another without any lessons learnt from the history – hatred, violence propaganda, which, in fact, has reached its peak.  

On June 20 there is an opportunity to put end to the country’s division, the hatred, violence propaganda and this irreconcilable environment, by learning lessons from the history.

Dear compatriots,

Go to a polling station on June 20, take the ballot N9 and state that you support solidarity, unity and reconciliation within the country, and we will form the government of national consent which will get out the country of this difficult situation towards the development path.

God bless us all”.


Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan


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