European Parlaiment condemns sending Syrian mercenaries to participate in Artsakh war by Turkey

18:48, 16 March, 2021

YEREVAN, MARCH 16, ARMENPRESS. The European Parliament’s March 11 resolution on the Syrian conflict confirms that Turkey has sent Syrian mercenaries to fight in the war against Artsakh unleashed by Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020. ARMENPRESS reports there are two mentionings about that in the resolution. The first one says, ''According to the Co-chair countries of OSCE Minsk Group, Turkey transported Syrian mercenaries to Nagorno Karabakh''.

The second point emphasizes that the European Parliament condemns those activities of Turkey. ''The European Parliament strictly condemns using Syrian mercenaries in the conflicts of Libya and Nagorno Karabakh. That's a violation of international law''.

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