Blood-soaked laundry art installation raises awareness on Artsakh in Canada

12:57, 25 October, 2020

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 25, ARMENPRESS. Amid the ongoing Turkish-Azerbaijani attacks on Artsakh, the global Armenian community has joined efforts to raise awareness and call on the governments of their countries to take action and stop the aggression.

In Canada, a Canadian-Armenian artist took to arts to raise her voice.

Mariam Mughdusyan, the founder of Mughdusyan Art Center, launched an art installation of hanging blood-soaked laundry or scattering the blood-stained clothes. The demonstrators outside Union Station in Toronto would stand in silence holding signs and images that depicted the violence occurring in Artsakh.

“These days all Armenians around the world are thinking about what’s happening in Artsakh and Armenia,” Mughdusyan told ARMENPRESS.

Asked how she came up with the idea of the art installation, she said: “Regarding the laundry: in Armenia laundry has unique meaning in the perception of Armenians. For example when we don’t see any laundry from a window for a long period of time we realize that no one is living there. You can have some understanding about the family from their laundry. For example, how many people live there, their age and so on. Blood-soaked laundry can mean one thing – a disaster has happened. I tried to show the situation in Artsakh, to raise awareness among the Canadian public on what’s happening there. I want the world to see what’s happening in Artsakh now,” she said.

Other artists from Canada have since joined Mughdusyan.

In addition to the blood-soaked laundry event, Mughdusyan also presented an art work depicting the Canadian-made technology components which are used in the production of the Turkish drones that are currently bombing Artsakh. Canada has already suspended the supplies of the drone technology to Turkey amid the attacks on Artsakh.

“The meaning of this demonstration was that the thing that is produced here is killing Armenians in Artsakh. We brought the art work to the parliament building of Canada,” she said.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

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