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More competitive environment necessary in tourism field – President of Armenian Tourism Federation

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian Tourism Federation aims at creating more competitive environment in Armenia in order to raise the country’s competitiveness in the world market.

Mekhak Apresyan – President of the Armenian Tourism Federation, gave an interview to ARMENPRESS talking about the creation, goals of the Federation, issues existing in the field and etc.

-Mr. Apresyan, previously there was a Union of Incoming Tour-Operators of Armenia. Why did you decide to restructure it into an Armenian Tourism Federation?

-The Union of Incoming Tour-Operators of Armenia has been established during a meeting on August 2, 2004. On August 2, 2018 the General Council of the Union of Incoming Tour-Operators of Armenia made a decision to restructure it into an Armenian Tourism Federation. For many years we were discussing with the private sector the idea to establish a federation. It was really necessary in the context of the current challenges and developments in the world tourism industry. We need to more effectively counter the challenges existing in the field. We will try to participate and support the policy development and implementation process in the field, act as a bridge between the state and the public via this Federation.

-What goal does the Federation pursue?

-Now we plan to completely present the private sector of the field and serve as a cooperation platform for all concerned sides of the public and private sector. Our goal is also to create a competitive environment in Armenia in order to raise the country’s competitiveness in the global market.

-Can you please specify the functions of the Armenian Tourism Federation?

-We carry out several functions, from which I would like to highlight the organization of lectures, trainings for the employees of the tourism field. The development of human resources, ensuring the field with highly-qualified specialists plays a great role here. We have also conducted research, analysis in the field, will develop different proposals and will present them to the concerned public and private structures.

-Did you already hold trainings?

-Yes, trainings have already been held on the activities of tour-operators, and they will continue. But we will not be satisfied by this, there will be trainings also over the services of the field, as well as lectures for preparation of trainers.

-Do you plan to cooperate with the federations of other countries?

-There is one agreement yet to start cooperation with the Dutch Tourism Federation, as a result of which there will be an exchange of experience. We have invited a Dutch tourism specialist here, who was a former member of that federation, and already reached an agreement on cooperation with him.

-What changes need to be made in the field of tourism in order to develop it and contribute to the visits of more tourists to Armenia?

-A dynamic growth in number of tourists to Armenia is expected, and we first of all must correctly manage these tourist flows. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure quality of services, be consistent in order to provide better services. We also should not forget about the international integration, to further intensify the international cooperation which has two goals. First of all, we must be able to use this cooperation to raise our country’s image, and secondly, we should raise our country’s reputation, as well as the respect towards Armenia.

-In addition to the Federation’s member organizations, are there other structures which support the Federation?

-Of course, there are. The most important one is the ministry of economic development and investments. The ministry and the Tourism Committee have a great contribution in our activities.


Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan


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