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Acting PM introduces government’s ongoing actions in social sector

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian government has done everything within a permissible range for the new Electoral Code to be adopted, Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told reporters during today’s press conference in the government, talking about the duties fulfilled after the revolution, Armenpress reports.

“We have not discussed in the Republic Square with what option the early elections should take place. Even if we did so, adoption or non-adoption of any law is being done by the voting of parliamentary forces. In any case the public witnessed everything. The government has done everything within the permissible scope for the Code to be adopted. I hope no one was expecting from us to say something impermissible”, he said.

Commenting on the social issues, he said they imagine the change of social situation in the same formula within the frames of which they have conducted the revolution. He emphasized that all issues must be solved through joint cooperation and dialogue.

“In the context of budget policy we have made a little increase in salaries. We are making major changes in the Tax Code which will have a major social significance. I want to state that this social change will take place within the frames of work promotion and creation of opportunities. We are talking about exempting the microbusiness from taxes by which we leave additional money to that people. In addition, we are also discussing a very radical approach in connection with the taxi drivers. We will not demand payment from private taxi drivers, we free them from this obligation. We have reduced gas and electricity tariffs for groups in social needs”, Nikol Pashinyan said.

He added that they plan to more specify the budgetary awards and carry out their distribution by the principle of work efficiency. Pashinyan stated that the key social responsibility of the government is that the state funds are not robbed, rather are spent effectively, create conditions for the business to develop, as well as increase the number of tax-payers.

“According to the official data, 37.000 jobs have been created in Armenia after the revolution. But I understand that all these have not been created from zero, some of them are the jobs which were not registered, but in the new situation the companies made a decision to get them out of the shadow. The work promotion is one of the key tasks of our policy, all those who are capable to work must not expect to get something from the government, but to expect an opportunity to work”, Nikol Pashinyan said, adding that the overall task is to increase the country’s security level, and it is necessary to concentrate all forces on the constant increase of the security level.

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan


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