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Argentine military sub San Juan missing for 1 year found deep in Atlantic

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 17, ARMENPRESS. The submarine ARA San Juan that vanished in the Atlantic over a year ago with 44 sailors on board has finally been detected at a depth of 800 meters, the Argentine military has confirmed, RT reported.

The ARA San Juan was discovered by Ocean Infinity, an American company contracted by the Argentine military to lead the search effort. The company’s vessel, Seabed Constructor, “has positively identified” the missing submarine lying at a chilling depth of 800 meters, the Argentine Navy confirmed in a tweet on Saturday morning.

Previously, the navy said the Seabed Constructor detected what it said was “a point of interest.” The object was approximately 60 meters long and its shape resembled a submarine hull.

Relatives of missing sailors were notified before the news was broken by Argentine media. It also comes just days after families of the submariners gathered at Mar del Plata naval base to commemorate and mourn their loved ones.

Now, with the submarine lying so deep on the seabed, it may be nearly impossible to know what happened to it. The navy will seek to determine if the San Juan can be raised from its current spot.

One year ago, the ARA San Juan, laid down in 1983 in German shipyards, went missing in the Atlantic with 44 crew on board. The sub was on a routine mission, and its sudden disappearance gave birth to numerous theories and rumors

The search for the diesel-electric submarine started immediately, involving ships and aircraft manned by personnel from 13 countries. On November 30, after a 15-day operation, the navy decided to end the operation. The rescuers allowed for twice the possible time that the crew could have remained alive.

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