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PM Pashinyan receives family members of policemen killed during 2016 Police Patrol regiment attack

YEREVAN, JUNE 28, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan received the family members of the policemen killed during 2016 Police Patrol regiment attack and listened to the problems and concerns raised by them, ARMENPRESS was informed from the official website of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

“I completely share your grief and think that it’s the grief of all of us, because I always held the opinion that we shouldn’t use violence in solving domestic issues in Armenia. I am also happy for the revolution we carried out took place without any violence and a single drop of blood. In general, for a long time there was the debate in Armenia if it’s possible to make changes without violence. I always believed that it’s possible, and I am happy we finally managed to prove that”, Pashinyuan said, adding that the life of any citizen of Armenia is an absolute value for him. “I think our activities have already proved that. For us it’s also important to restore public solidarity and in this context the real solidarity is when all the sides are heard, all the viewpoints are heard, the interests, emotions and feelings of all people are taken into account”, PM Pashinyan said, highlighting the meeting with them in that context.

Speaking about the judicial process, Nikol Pashinyan emphasized, “As the Prime Minister I have announced that I will never interfere in the activities of the courts, because I think it’s wrong and it is also because of that practice that we accumulated so many problems. But it’s also important for me that the rights of any citizen of our country are protected”, PM Pashinyan said, expecting to hear their opinion over the situation. “If there is necessity in the future, I am ready to meet with you again”, he said.

The PM urged the family members of the killed policemen to make use of their procedural rights, since they can be protected only at the courts. “I will task the bodies that are subject to the Prime Minister to engage in the issues you have raised”, Pashinyan said, hoping that in this situation everyone will be able to make conclusions and find solutions that will stem from the interest of the people, state and lawfulness.

The relatives of the policemen thanked the PM for the reception and listening to their concerns.

Edited and translated by Tigran Sirekanyan


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