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Artsakh official calls on mediators to be more active in preventing escalation

YEREVAN, JUNE 20, ARMENPRESS. Azerbaijan has become noticeably active in the frontline, which has different manifestations in different periods of time: equipment movement, build-ups, active engineering works, attempts to psychologically influence the Armenian and Artsakh societies and propaganda will all possible targets, Tigran Abrahamyan, advisor to President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan told ARMENRPESS.

Abrahamyan said that it is a dangerous period of time after the April War. In terms of the reasons of the process in the current phase, Abrahamyan pointed out several factors.

“For the record, the main reason of this all is that the issue of a military solution still remains in the political agenda of Azerbaijan. For justifying this approach, the activeness of bloggers controlled by Azerbaijani politicians, experts and authorities is seen. They are trying to justify the approach of a military solution by all means,” he said.

He says that it seemed like after the April combat operations Azerbaijan should had returned to the negotiations table, but not only doesn’t it return, but it is also trying to escalate the situation all the time. He said that Azerbaijan is constantly maneuvering, and this concerns not only to military equipment, but also special forces.

“It is hard to say what work is being done through different diplomatic channels in this direction. Understandably a part of this work cannot be visible for the wide society. Anyhow I think that the mediators should be a lot more active in this issue in order not to give a chance for increasing the wave of escalation in the frontline. The main task of the mediators is to shift the solution of the issue to a political platform,” he said.

Asked how the political development in Armenia might impact the situation in the border, Abrahamyan said the domestic situation is directly tied with external development. In this context, he attaches importance for the developments to be healthy, contribute to the consolidation of the society, increase and strengthening of trust between the government and the society.

“If the processes get out of control and the problems worsen, then obviously it will have negative impacts. Azerbaijan is hoping for a division among our society, to use it as a factor in this situation. This is Azerbaijan’s expectation,” he said.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharyan


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