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Huh? Azerbaijani hackers target Armenia, oops – Colombia

YEREVAN, MAY 29, ARMENPRESS. Seems like Azerbaijani hackers couldn’t stay idle yesterday as Armenia was celebrating Republic Day.

Unknown hackers have breached the Instagram account of Artyom Simonyan, a football player of the Armenian national team. The hackers have renamed the account using highly offensive language, saying : “[expletive] Armenia”.

The hackers identified themselves as “Azerbaijan Cyber Army” and made three posts on the account – two videos and one photo, as well as a new profile photo. One of the videos shows a drawing of an eagle with the colors of the Azerbaijani flag with Azerbaijani music playing on the background.

The photo shows soldiers and three flags, two Azerbaijani and one Turkish.

The other video, perhaps the most “interesting” one, causes ridiculous amusement. The highly amateur video depicts two soldiers fighting. The two have flags in their uniforms. One of the soldiers has the Azerbaijani flag on his back, while the other one – well, the Colombian flag. Yes, that’s right, the Colombian. If you put the Armenian flag upside down you get the Colombian flag. But we can’t say for sure whether or not the Azerbaijani hackers decided to attack Colombia also or this is simply an embarrassing gaffe. The video also shows a third actor – a soldier wearing the Turkish flag, who shoots down “Colombia” in the end.

English –translator/editor: Stepan Kocharyan

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