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We have to remain in our home, negotiate, and find logical solutions to the situation – Karen Karapetyan

YEREVAN, APRIL 20, ARMENPRESS. First Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan spoke about the situation in Armenia, calling for a dialogue. ARMENPRESS reports giving an interview to ARMENIA TV, Karen Karapetyan particularly said,

“I will try to speak with theses. First, as an Armenian, citizen of the Republic of Armenia, I am very worried. I am worried whether my grandson reached kindergarten or no, my father reached hospital or no. Second, I am convinced that there are many able, patriotic and courageous young people in the streets the energy and will can and must be used in other places. And we are ready and obliged to use that potential. Third, we are establishing a new parliamentary model today that we have to maximally use and set a regularly operating platform where there will be political debates, where tough issues will be discussed and where people will speak and negotiate permanently, instead of expressing the problems and complaints accumulated from elections to elections. And we are obliged to use that platform. Forth, being fair and accepting that some representatives of the authorities in some cases make statements cut off the reality, I propose all the political forces and people concerned for the future of the country to revise their approaches and start dialogues in all the platforms to preserve the stability of the country. Even warring countries negotiate and find a logical solution. We Armenians, the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, are obliged to remain in our home, hold rational talks and find logical solutions to get out of this situation. In case of instability everyone will be harmed, our country will be harmed”.

The reporter noted that the authorities call for some kind of dialogue, but the participants of the rallies support “velvet revolution” and in some point these approaches will intersect. “Frankly speaking, I am very hopeful that our nation, being pragmatic and rational, and having the ability to feel danger, as the life has forced to be so, will think soberly and understand that this has no prospect”, Karapetyan said,  adding that all these will have negative consequences on the reputation of the country. “I see no obstacles to start negotiations just now and start the dialogue”, he said.

English –translator/editor: Tigran Sirekanyan



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