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Deputy FM Kocharyan considers unlikely hindering ratification of Armenia-EU agreement by any member state

YEREVAN, MARCH 22, ARMENPRESS. Deputy foreign minister of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharyan considers almost unlikely hindering the ratification of the Armenia-EU agreement by any EU member state, reports Armenpress.

At a meeting with reporters following today’s Cabinet meeting the deputy FM, asked whether he considers possible that any EU member state, for instance Hungary, with which the diplomatic relations are suspended, will artificially prolong the Armenia-EU agreement’s ratification process, said: “I consider it almost unlikely, since the country which was not interested in it, could do that before the signing of the agreement. The fact that the EU has signed the agreement means that all member states gave their full consent”.

The deputy minister said Estonia was the first country to ratify the Armenia-EU agreement, and the second announcement was made by Germany, which, however, still clarifies whether the agreement doesn’t limit its sovereign rights in regards to security.

“This speaks about the fact that the EU member states carefully observe the agreement, we are in touch with many of them, and they mention that the processes have launched. As the ratification of the agreement by all member states is a long process, the agreement has envisaged temporary implementation of its significant part. In this sense, in fact, there are provisions relating to almost all spheres”, Kocharyan said.

Asked are there deadlines when the ratification process will be completed in the EU, the deputy FM said mentioning the date is not correct, and that is the right of that countries. “But we as well during our meetings with the EU partners urge to complete the ratification process as soon as possible, and they say they will do everything on this path”, Kocharyan said.

The Armenian government approved the bill on ratifying the ‘Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Armenia, on the one hand, and the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their member states, on the other hand’.

English – translator/editor: Aneta Harutyunyan


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