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Armenia showed that it doesn’t speak with preconditions and will not tolerate it, says MP Bekaryan

YEREVAN, MARCH 3, ARMENPRESS. The return to the Armenian-Turkish relations should start from a new point taking into account the current situation, Karen Bekaryan, Member of Parliament of Armenia, told a press conference in Armenpress, commenting on the termination of the ratification process of the protocols.

“For many years by using its all channels Turkey, after Armenia’s independence, was providing the following picture to the world: Armenia is a complex state, doesn’t want to move forward and links everything with history, that’s why the region is in such condition, there are dividing lines and etc. What happened in 2008, the initiative of the Armenian President, which was later called a football diplomacy, was unprecedented in its essence. The nation, who survived the genocide, the deprivation of the homeland, today has an independent state, and its leader came up with an initiative to start the relations without any preconditions. This broke all stereotypes that existed for a long time as a result of the propaganda run by Turkey”, MP Bekaryan said.

The lawmaker stated that by its initiative Armenia really aimed and wanted to establish diplomatic relations without preconditions, to open the borders and launch dialogue. Turkey, not having a political will, started talking with the language of preconditions after the signing of the protocols.

“During these years Turkey has changed so much that it’s just absurd to talk about democratic norms, freedom of speech and human rights. Such transformation dropped that country back in the recent years under the name of Gulenism, participation in coup attempt. You see the number and staff of the arrested people – starting from teachers up to everyone else. All these makes Turkey away from Europe, value system, human rights and democracy”, he said.

The MP stated that during this period Armenia clearly presented Turkey’s behavior, the existing situation to the world and took its steps.

Commenting on the Armenian President’s speech at the Munich Security Conference, Karen Bekaryan said it contains several messages. First of all it highlights that there cannot be a situation that Turkey will keep hostage the protocols and gain dividends. On the other hand, if there is a chance to again return to the Armenian-Turkish relations, the new document must enshrine the existing situation of that moment.

“Armenia’s good will and desire to reduce tension in the region, bring the quite problematic Armenian-Turkish relations to a normal pace has been emphasized by all international partners. Armenia showed the world that it doesn’t talk to anyone with preconditions and will not tolerate speaking with preconditions”, he said.

Asked in what conditions and when it would be possible to again return to the Armenian-Turkish relations, Karen Bekaryan couldn’t say for sure. He said it’s a difficult issue and cannot happen in the near future. According to him, if Turkey had a will to establish relations, it would happen. It’s unlikely that the situation will change after the elections.

English –translator/editor: Aneta Harutyunyan




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