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Azerbaijani armed groups stand behind Khojaly massacres – FM Nalbandian

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 27, ARMENPRESS. The Azerbaijani authorities carry out anti-Armenian propaganda, radicalize their public, trying to consolidate it over the struggle against the enemy, ARMENPRESS reports Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian told tert.am.  

Asked to comment on the situation that Baku and Ankara continue using various international platforms for propaganda purposes, referring to the so-called “Khojaly events”, FM Nalbandian said, “Probably, their slogan of one nation- two states is displayed as one propaganda - two microphones. Khojaly is used as a propaganda trick that pursues a number of goals.

First, it’s known that Baku and Ankara act against the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. By spreading falsified accusations about violence committed by Armenians, they try to justify their denialist policy that has last over 100 years, spreading a fiction that allegedly Armenians are not victims, but are criminals and that they have not been slaughtered, instead they have slaughtered others and other similar awful lies. Ankara even went so far that had erected a monument on the Armenian-Turkish border symbolizing the massacres of Turks by Armenians, something that shook the international community for its cynicism.

Second, the 30th anniversary of the Armenian massacres of Sumgayit is commemorated these days in various parts of the world. In this context the uproarious steps of Baku and Azerbaijan are aimed at leaving under shadow the international sounding of the commemorative events…

Third, Baku, resembling the example of Turkey, tries to present itself as a victim, as if violence has been committed against its people. It tries to pretend to be a victim.  Baku thinks this policy can bring benefits.

Forth, Baku tries to distract attention and avoid responsibility for massacres committed by itself against Armenians not only in Sumgayit, but also in Baku, Kirovabad, Maragha

Fifth, the Azerbaijani authorities carry out anti-Armenian propaganda, radicalize their public, trying to consolidate it over the struggle against the enemy. Reputable international organizations have touched upon this issue numerous times”.

FM Nalbandian assured that Azerbaijani attempts to avoid responsibility are useless, as sooner or later they will be held responsible. Edward Nalbandian added that Baku spends millions on this multilayered propaganda, but it’s impossible to hide the truth even under this multilayered deception. He emphasized that it’s proven that Azerbaijanis have slaughtered their own people, the residents of Khojaly in the context of domestic political infighting. “The residents of Khojaly used the humanitarian corridor and abandoned their settlement and reached Aghdam region, a few kilometers away from Khojaly that was under the control of Azerbaijani armed groups, where they were slaughtered. This is proven by Azerbaijani sources – testimonies of Khojaly survivors, witnesses, journalists”, Nalbandian said, emphasizing that even the then president of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutallibov claimed that Azerbaijani armed groups stood behind the massacre.

English – translator/editor: Tigran Sirekanyan


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