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Creation of nearly 2100 jobs expected in Armenia’s Kotayk province in 2018 – Governor’s interview

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 27, ARMENPRESS. 2017 was successful for Armenia’s Kotayk province. Nearly 60 billion AMD investments through private funds were made in the province which led to creation of more than 2000 jobs. Significant achievements are also expected this year.

Karapet Guloyan, Governor of the Kotayk province, gave an interview to ARMENPRESS, presenting the prospects of the province.

-Mr. Guloyan, how can you describe the year of 2017 for Kotayk province? What achievements will you mention?

-2017 was a successful year for Kotayk province. The province recorded significant achievements. By the assistance of the Armenian President and the government we had positive developments in almost all spheres of the public life. Last year a noticeable increase in investment programs was registered. Nearly 60 billion AMD investments through private funds were made in 2017, as a result more than 2000 jobs were created.

Investments were mainly made in industry, agriculture, information technologies, tourism, energy, trade and construction of service centers, as well as in many different sectors.

For the first time solar power plants were installed in the province which gave new style to the province’s energy features.

I also want to state that last year the production enterprises of the province released 162 billion 100 million AMD products compared to the 136 billion 300 million AMD of the previous year, or the volumes increased by about 19%.

The gross agricultural production volume comprised 85 billion 100 million AMD which increased by 30% compared to 2016.

-What are going to be the governorate’s priorities for 2018? On what issues and programs are you going to focus in the future?

-The governorate has developed the main organization program of provincial procedures for 2018 which includes the province’s development strategy goals and main priorities.

They are the followings: ensuring economic growth, community development, improvement of territorial and local administration systems, development and modernization of industry, agriculture and tourism.

About 86 billion 700 million AMD, including state budget resources - 16 billion 500 million AMD, community investments – about 853 million AMD, private investments – 66 billion AMD and funds by different international organizations – 3 billion 300 million AMD are necessary for implementing the aforementioned programs in 2018.

-What is the level of unemployment in the province and what investment programs are expected which will directly or indirectly contribute to creation of jobs?

-Of course, the employment issue is a priority in the province. While talking about the unemployment level let’s mention the statistical figures, at the same time noting that any our initiative, program is first of all aimed at creating new jobs and providing people with new employment opportunities.

I have already said that we have a significant progress in the field of investment programs. This year it is expected to increase the volume of private investments by nearly 10% compared to 2017 and reach it almost 66 billion AMD. According to preliminary predictions, we will have nearly 2100 jobs in 2018 as a result of these investments.

-In the recent period the government pays a specific attention to the development of tourism. What are the tourism development prospects of the province? I would like you to present the recent dynamics in this sphere?

-In fact, there is a specific focus on this field. And I also want to state that tourism plays a key role in the economy of the province. We have concrete instructions by the President of the Republic concerning the constant improvement of this field the main focus of which are the constant development of different tourism infrastructures, making them in accordance with the contemporary demands, as well as creating attractive and favorable conditions for tourists.

There are more than 80 hotel and resort complexes in the province. Moreover, the number of hotels increases every year.

I’m happy to inform that the number of tourists visiting the province comprised more than 490.000 people in 2017 compared to 420.000 of 2016: the increase was 16.7%.

Interview by Anna Gziryan

Full version of the interview is available in Armenian.

English – translator/editor: Aneta Harutyunyan

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