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Expert weighs in on Azerbaijan snap presidential elections, cites technical, social-economic reasons

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 7, ARMENPRESS. According to stated versions, the reasons for holding early presidential elections in Azerbaijan are technical, expert of Azerbaijan Angela Elibekova told a press conference.

“Experts cite several views on holding early presidential elections in Azerbaijan, according to one, this year the 100th anniversary of the republic will be marked this year and under the official version the elections can disrupt the celebrations”, she said.

According to Elibekova, the other version can be that it is more convenient for the presidential staff to begin term in office from the beginning of the year.

“The versions are logical but false because major celebrations were held in Azerbaijan for many times during elections, and didn’t whatsoever disrupt the process. Speaking about main versions we must also mention leaving out the opposition, because the opposition was aware beforehand that the elections will be held on October 17, and was preparing and centralizing powers, knowing that they still have half a year to get ready, but now they appeared in a situation like this”, she said.

She presented versions related to the NK conflict settlement process, since very often the issue is brought forward that in election years it is difficult to hold negotiations processes due to the domestic busyness of the sides.

“In this context it is more convenient when the election process is held at the same time in both countries”, she said, adding that it isn’t ruled out that certain economic issues a negative image was created for the Aliyev regime ahead of elections, and they are trying to avoid the repetition of the situation.

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