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Azerbaijan’s snap election decision is ludicrous, says political analyst

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 6, ARMENPRESS. Holding early presidential elections in Azerbaijan is related to both domestic and foreign processes, political analyst Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan told ARMENPRESS.

“As we know, Azerbaijani provocations on the border are probable, they always happen. Tension rises or decreases bases on various factors. In this specific case, tension in the border might become intensive related to the decision of holding the early elections. It is understandable that Aliyev will be criticized for this decision both inside and outside his country, therefore it isn’t ruled out that in order to avoid a big wave of criticism he will attempt to make provocations to divert attention”, he said.

The analyst says that by this decision Aliyev is freeing himself from restraints. If a danger of war happens in the future, or the economic crisis deepens, then there won’t be a problem of winning the elections, and in this context negative impacts won’t happen

“The reasons for the early elections announced by the presidential staff of Azerbaijan are at least ludicrous. They say, that allegedly by being busy with other work, the electoral process might be disrupted. They are showing that their state cannot simultaneously take part in several important processes. This proves their inability. Moreover, it is strange that they are shifting the process of constitutional importance, not any other one”, he said.

Melik-Shahnazaryan doesn’t rule out that the decision can be related to domestic problems.

“There is a problem related to domestic power contradictions between the involved clans. For a moment it was discussed who will be the candidate, he or Mehriban Aliyeva. Meaning there was an intrigue in the regime itself. Now we see that Aliyev will succeed in solving this issue”, he said.

The Azeri president had signed an order earlier on holding snap elections.

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