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Dink’s murderers are fascists – Turkish scholar Murat Belge

YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. By killing Hrant Dink, founder of Istanbul’s Armenian Agos newspaper, 11 years ago in the street, the organizers of this crime showed that they find raising of Armenian views to be dangerous, Murat Belge – Turkish writer, activist, academician told ARMENPRESS in an interview.

11 years passed since the death of Dink, but the real perpetrators are still not discovered. Can we expect that the truth will finally be discovered in the present day Turkey?

The term “real perpetrators” has a wide meaning. The judicial process hasn’t yet uncovered the main decision makers. That is why I don’t hope that in the near future (by saying near future here I think it can take nearly 50 years) any developments will take place. Of course, it’s one thing to be not optimistic in this issue, however it is another thing not to follow the judicial case. It is necessary and important to keep the judicial process alive.

Why was it necessary to silence Dink?

Hrant’s approach to the issue [Armenian Genocide] was the most positive which could ever be for Turkey. He wasn’t an “avenger”. What happened wasn’t viewed as an occurrence which all Turks took part in. He loved the country as it was. He believed that it was possible to together curse what happened, and then live together.

But despite this all, he was killed. Those, who made this decision by thinking logically, aren’t ready for any flexibility on this issue. This step was taken by people who believed that the defense of the Armenian view by someone reasonable and beloved like Hrant is dangerous for them. People, who are fascists with their entire tools.

What would you tell Dink if you had the chance to see him today?

If I were to see him today, I would say – “Hey, I missed you a lot. Where were you”.

Araks Kasyan

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