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Presidential candidate Armen Sargsyan reassures to carry out duties honorably

Presidential candidate Armen Sargsyan reassures to carry out duties honorably

YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan held a meeting on January 19 with Armen Sargsyan, the former PM and presidential candidate from the ruling party, who was nominated by the Republican Party of Armenia during the January 18 session of the party’s executive body.

On behalf of the party, which is the majority in the parliament, the President suggested Armen Sargsyan to agree to be nominated as Presidential candidate from the ruling party, by once again presenting his views on the qualitative characteristics of the future president, to which, according to the President, the candidate fully meets.

During the meeting the President said it would be desirable if the 4th President of Armenia gets elected in conditions of wide agreement in the parliament and from this perspective highlighted the ruling party candidate’s meetings with both the coalition partner of the RPA , as well as all other factions of political powers in the parliament.

“Dear Mr. Sargsyan,

As you know, we’ve entered a new political phase. The constitutional amendment process is nearing completion, we are already in the final stage, and, of course, my term in office as President of Armenia is nearing its end. In this conditions, we must elect a new president, the 4th President of the Republic of Armenia, and this election must take place in the National Assembly. This is about electing the Head of State, who must follow the maintenance of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia. Certainly, the Constitution reserves standards, requirements for the President, and I would point out the requirement of being impartial from them. Certainly, I have my views regarding the qualities of the new President of Armenia and I have expressed myself about this recently for several times.

I believe the 4th President of Armenia must be an accomplished and bright individual, must be trained politically and ready, but not politicized. He must be able to organize dialogue between different political powers, as well as for the goal of decreasing tension between various social classes, if necessary. He must be able to honorably represent Armenia abroad, to know the Diaspora and be able to unite the Diaspora of Armenia.


Yesterday we addressed this issue in the executive body of the Republican Party of Armenia, and I, taking into account your abilities, your qualitative characteristics, suggested my colleagues to offer you to agree to be nominated on behalf of our political force as candidate for 4th president of Armenia. You are an accomplished scientist, you’ve served as Prime Minister of Armenia, you have great diplomatic experience, and this is the reason that we have seriously discussed your candidacy. I am grateful to my colleagues who unanimously defended my suggestion.

Certainly, it is very desirable that the 4th President of the Republic of Armenia gets elected in conditions of wide parliamentary agreement. And taking into account this desire, I believe that during the times of your thinking it would be right for you to meet our coalition partner – Dashnaktsutyun, political forces represented in the parliament – Tsarukyan and Yelk factions and make a decision in the foreseeable future, because this election must take place in the beginning of March. And it is our desire that these elections take place with one phase, and that we have a 4th President of Armenia already in the beginning of March. What do you think in this regard?”, the President said.

Armen Sargsyan thanked the President and the Republican Party for the high confidence for him, and found the proposal a great honor and reassured that if after his meetings with political forces and wide circles of the society he decided to take the offer, he will try to implement the duties of the President with honor and justify that high confidence.

“Mr. President,

Let me express my deep gratitude to you and the Republican Party for this high confidence. I believe, indeed, Armenia is entering a new period, I believe a period of great changes realized by many, towards a more democratic country – a parliamentary republic. From this perspective, certainly, your proposal is a greater responsibility and great honor for me.

As you said, it is very important that I have the chance to meet with different political forces in both the Parliament and outside of it, the political parties before I make a decision. I would also greatly want to meet with the scientific, scholar, public, charity organizations, business circles, labor circles who represent the wide circles of the society. Of course, I would definitely want to meet with the leadership of Artsakh, and certainly meet with structures representing the Diaspora, organizations or individuals and then make my decision. In any case, your offer is a great honor for me Mr. President.

I once again thank you for your trust. And if after all these meetings I make a decision, I will attempt to carry out the duties of the President with honor and justify the trust which I heard from you, from your party members and which I hope to also hear from other citizens and sons of the Armenian people. Thank you, Mr. President. If you’ll allow me, I need some time to make a final decision”, he said.



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