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NK conflict must be settled based on Artsakh self-determination right – Nalbandian

NK conflict must be settled based on Artsakh self-determination right – Nalbandian

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 30, ARMENPRESS. The significant difference of Armenia’s and Azerbaijan’s approaches in the NK conflict settlement issue is that Azerbaijan attempts to present some made up proposals, as if made by the Co-Chairs, present some made up negotiations processes, which are false, Armenian FM Edward Nalbandian said in an interview.

“The NK conflict settlement process, surely you know, is a long lasting process. Why can’t we reach some results, I said this in my speech in the OSCE ministerial council in Vienna and I put forward 9 reasons. Those 9 reasons are those obstacles, which Azerbaijan is putting forward for many years, and due to these very obstacles it isn’t possible to advance. The difference between us and Azerbaijan, the significant difference lies in the very thing that Azerbaijan is attempting to present some made up proposals, as if made by the Co-Chairs, present come made up negotiations processes which are false, because the statement made at the three co-chairing countries’ ministerial level during the Vienna summit – by Lavrov, Tillerson and the French delegation head, once again reaffirmed that no, there are specific proposals, principles, which are the basis of this negotiations process”, the minister said.

Asked how can the tension be eased in the line of contact, the minister said: “This was talked about and we had agreed during the Vienna and St. Petersburg summits. And you know very well, and not only you but everyone, that Azerbaijan was doing everything to pretend that there are no agreements, was taking every step to fail these agreements from realizing, and it even was saying that as if Armenia had put forward pre-conditions. This was very far from the truth, and the latest statement of the co-chairs proves this, that no, all agreements must be implemented. But not only this. Let me open a bit the bracket. I asked my colleague, I said ok, the presidents agreed to take additional steps for minimizing the tension. Can Azerbaijan today reaffirm the commitment for the 1994-1995 trilateral, termless ceasefire agreement? And this isn’t only our demand. This is the urge which the co-chairing countries voice for many years. You know, both Armenia and Karabakh have always said that yes, they are committed to this agreement, while Azerbaijan is doing everything to step back from this agreement. If Azerbaijan is unable to reaffirm its commitment for the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, how can we speak about minimizing tension in the line of contact, about true, significant minimization”.

Nalbandian stressed that it’s about intensifying the negotiations.

Nalbandian mentioned the principles brought forward by the co-chairing countries.

“We are committed to reach settlement based on those principles. Those three principles are: territorial integrity, the equality and self determination right of peoples and non use of force or the threat of force. And I asked my colleague, whether or not today he is willing to reaffirm commitment for these principles, because there was a time when Azerbaijan agreed to them. During the 2009 OSCE ministerial council in Athens, Azerbaijan factually agreed, and we made a five-sided statement – the FMs of Armenia and Azerbaijan with the co-chairing countries, where these very principles were written. During the latest Vienna meeting Azerbaijan was once again unable to reaffirm commitment. And what happened? The co-chairing countries once again reaffirmed in their statement, yes, the international community’s approach is that settlement must be based on the fundamental principles of these three international rights, which Armenia has for numerous times supported and supported settlement based on these principles. “

The FM also stressed that a provision cannot be singled out from the proposed settlement document, like Azerbaijan is doing. According to him, it is a packaged proposal, and here there is the main proposal- the final status of NK, which must be decided based on the self-determination right of the people of NK.

“This self-determination must be realized through the free expression of will, which must have international legal binding force, binding for Azerbaijan also”, he said.

Nalbandian stressed that the NK conflict doesn’t get a solution because Azerbaijan opposed not Armenia’s approach, but opposes the stance of the international community.



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