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“This isn’t the law which can be fought against by all means” – deputy defense minister urges protesting students to end hunger strike

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 14, ARMENPRESS. Deputy defense minister of Armenia Artak Zakaryan reassures that the law on military service and status of servicemen isn’t aimed at hindering the development of science and education in the country.

Zakaryan told reporters in the parliament that fighting against the bill with the “For the Development of Science” slogan is entirely unreasonable.

“I am aware that several students who are displeased with the law have declared hunger strike. I call on the young people to end the hunger strike, because it isn’t the right way, and this law isn’t the law which can be fought against by all means. During a meeting with these very students with the Prime Minister, we suggested them to participate in the designing of sub-legal acts which stem from the law. During these discussions we will take into account all proposals, we’ll see to what extent the mechanisms are effective, whether or not we are creating new possibilities for “dodgy” people, so they find ways to avoid serving. We didn’t present any initiative hindering the development of education and science”, Zakaryan said.

He added that deferment will continue being in force, but under conditions. Moreover, under conditions affordable and accessible for all. “Today deferment is in force only for those who gain points, while we suggest giving the right to deferment to all students who say that they aren’t avoiding military service, but are requesting to be allowed to continue education. Can there be a better proposal?”, he said.

“While accepting their demands will mean to return to the same situation, when the abusers will continue abusing, the avoiders will continue avoiding, and science will in no way benefit”, he said



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