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Independence of Iraqi Kurdistan may somewhat be a positive event for Turkey – Vahram Petrosyan

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS. By the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan new rules of the game will emerge in the region, reconstruction of the region will take place which supposes major geo-economic transformations, Vahram Petrosyan – head of the YSU Armenian-Kurdish relations department, YSU chair of international relations and diplomacy, told a press conference in Armenpress, taking about the upcoming independence referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan on September 25.

Despite that certain major regional powers announced postponing the referendum, Vahram Petrosyan said Iraqi Kurdistan has no plans to delay it for even 5 minutes.

“Unlike other countries, Turkey has expressed a tough stance since it sees a threat in this process and insists to cancel the referendum. Despite this stance, the Iraqi Kurdistan believes that there is a serious cooperation with Turkey and doesn’t believe that Turks will act against”, Petrosyan said, adding that in any case Turkey will convene a security council session on September 22 during which the country’s final stance will be clear.

Analyzing the regional developments, Vahram Petrosyan stated that the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan may somewhat be a positive event for Turkey. In particular, the Iraqi Kurdistan can become a buffer zone between the troubled Arab region and Turkey. In addition, Kurdistan, that has oil and gas resources, will turn Turkey into a crossroad of more energy supplies since it will have no route for export if Iran doesn’t mitigate its stance.

According to Vahram Petrosyan, speaking about independence of Iraqi Kurdistan as a threat to regional stability means to ignore the reality. The region is not only already extremely unstable, but is in war against the “Islamic state”. And both the Iraqi Kurds and the Syrian Kurds have a significant role in fighting the terrorists. “The main threat to the regional stability is not the referendum for independence, but the demands of the neighboring countries to postpone the referendum accompanied by threats. As refers to the thesis that the independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan will disunite Iraq, I will agree with some politicians and experts who hold the position that Iraq is already de-facto broken up into 3 parts – Kurdish, Sunni and Shi'ite. And Shi'ites are dominant in Iraq’s central government”, Vahram Petrosyan said.

As for the independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan from the Armenian perspective, Vahram Petrosyan noted that holding the referendum once again highlights the factor of peoples’ right to self-determination.



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