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Expert explains absence of Azerbaijani president from Rouhani's inauguration by tense relations between two states

YEREVAN, AUGUST 7, ARMENPRESS. Various issues have emerged in the bilateral relations between Iran and Azerbaijan during the recent years, as a result of which Iran reconsiders its policies in the South Caucasus, expert of Iranian studies Armen Israelyan told "Armenpress". According to him, in a short period of time some economic activation between the two states could be seen, but the political issues between Iran and Azerbaijan were so deep that this cooperation couldn't be continued. 

"Azerbaijan never stopped its anti-Iranian activities, never stopped its insulting policy against Iranian clerics and ambitions towards Iranian territories. Iran just slightly changed and reconsidered its policies in the South Caucasus after 2013, and political issues with Azerbaijan were put aside. Tehran priritized the economic aspect, but the geopolitical realities devloped in a way that economic cooperation with the exiswting problems was no longer possible", Israelyan said. 

He consitions this fact with the gradually deepening relations of Azerbaijan with Saudi Arabia, which is a direct threat for the national security of Iran. 

According to the expert, the Azerbaijani president did not participate in the inauguration of the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani purposefully, to show that there are unsloved issues between the two states, and Azerbaijan steps back from the agreements reached between the two states. 

"The website in Iranian language financed by Azerbaijan boast that Rouhani invited Aliyev to be present at his inauguration ceremony, but Aliyev refused", Israelyan said, adding that this was a clear message to Tehran. According to him, Iran will reconsider its policies in the South Caucasus, where Armenia will have an important role. 


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