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50.000 tourists from different countries of the world: Tourism activeness in Dilijan at highest level

YEREVAN, AUGUST 1, ARMENPRESS. Historical-cultural sites, wonderful nature, rich cuisine: tourism activeness in Armenia’s Dilijan town is at the highest level.

Local hotels and resorts do not feel the need of tourists and the town has already hosted over 50.000 visitors.

Albert Simonyan – press secretary of the Dilijan Mayor, told Armenpress, the town has an opportunity to host much more tourists, therefore, by the end of the season, it is expected to host 20.000 more tourists.

“All hotels in Dilijan can host a total of 5.000 visitors. In line with this, the culture of guest houses is also developing. The local people quickly respond to the tourism activeness, the number of guest houses increases and the cottage offers have also increased. This process has a tendency for development. It is also understandable that the expansion of the hotel network solves a social issue, new jobs are being created, and a necessity for new services emerges. Trade is being boosted in the town”, Albert Simonyan said, adding that the town is also distinguished by its health resorts.

Both locals and foreign nationals prefer to spend their rest in Dilijan. In recent years the number of foreigners has increased. Here Albert Simonyan highlighted the existence of the Dilijan international school. There are students from 75 countries of the world, their relatives and parents also visit here.

Major part of foreigners in Dilijan are from Russia. Simonyan said in recent period Russian tourists are ranked 1st, which is followed by European countries. The town authorities also actively work with their partners of several French cities.

However, they are not satisfied with this, they seek to increase the recorded figures, take steps for development of infrastructures. Moreover, they also assist holding various cultural events in the town which will also include tourists.

Albert Simonyan added that they are actively working with private companies that present new services, new opportunities for extreme sport.

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