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Those who speak about “moral & psychological” significance of Iskander ballistic missiles don’t have any idea on its devastating force – President

YEREVAN, JULY 17, ARMENPRESS. Whoever thinks that the Iskander ballistic missiles are simply of moral or psychological significance, he doesn’t understand what these systems are. When they know, they will understand the extent of devastating force it has, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said during an interview to Armenia TV.

Asked in what event Armenia might use the Iskander ballistic missiles, the president said: “If needed. Don’t forget that our interview is watched not only by citizens of Armenia. You are forcing me to answer to a question, for the response of which numerous special services are spending huge resources. And whoever thinks that Iskander [ballistic missiles] is just of moral and physiological significance, he doesn’t understand what Iskander is. When they know, they will understand what devastating force this weapon has.

The president also talked about his visit to combat positions of the military. He mentioned that the country has excellent officers and soldiers, who are highly professional.

“Can anyone say that our army hasn’t developed? Can they say that our current officers aren’t significantly difference by their level of literacy from the officers who served twenty years ago, in terms of both quantity and quality? I am coming from the combat positions, we have excellent officers, soldiers, who know their job”, he said.

Commenting on the nation-army ideology, he mentioned: “We are few in numbers, if we want Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia to be secure and safe, any Armenian, regardless of gender must become a soldier in case of necessity. When this moment comes, the nation becomes an army. During peacetime the army also participates in developing the country. This is a very simple logic. We want to achieve maximum in this branch. We don’t want insignificant incidents to cast a shadow on our military”, he said.


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