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Futurist says artificial intelligence is the most important achievement of 21st century

MOSCOW, JUNE 21, ARMENPRESS. In future the engagement of technologies and humanity is going to be more active which will have both positive and negative consequences, futurist Jean-Christophe Bonn said during a press conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kaspersky Lab, reports Armenpress.

“New technologies will greatly affect our life and future. Inventing printing in 15th century, Gutenberg managed to change the type of person’s mind exchange since the person had a chance to easily type ideas after that. Currently everything is being digitized in the world, and a person can operate any app with the help of one finger. You need to order a car, for that purpose just an app is required”, the futurist said.

He said it’s necessary to increase the education level in the world.

“We need to put an emphasis on education and making people get ready to understand what is happening and how they can get used to new technologies. In 1995 Nelson Mandela wrote a book in one of the correctional facilities of the South African Republic where he said the most powerful weapon in the world is education”, the futurist said.

According to him, if in the 20th century the most valuable achievement of humanity was the atomic weapon, that of the 21st century is going to be the artificial intelligence. He stated that 20 years later dozens of professions will disappear and millions of people will be unemployed.

“Already three states are moving forward in various spheres of automation, Japan, Germany and South Korea. One robot replaces 10 people, and the technology development will change the society. The society is already changing by the impact of technologies and this change will gradually accelerate. When there is no need for taxi drivers or other professions, new professions will emerge for new generation”, he said.

According to Jean-Christophe Bonn the man will utilize the entire technology potential to reach his goal and satisfy his needs.

“It is possible 20 years later there will be man-made robots. It is possible that time will come when people will say that robots are neither man nor animal and they have no rights. It is possible a special organization will be created which will protect the robots’ rights”, he said.

The scientist is concerned over the disproportionate development of the world and believes that everyone must have a chance to use new technologies.

“We really divided the humanity in two parts: the ones who have money and the ones who don’t have, as well as the ones who have information and the ones who don’t. The issues faced by a number of African, South American countries are completely different: they fact water, electricity problems and their people just survive. I think people in future will be divided in two groups, the ones who have more functions technologically and the ones who don’t. Thus, everyone must have a chance to use new technologies and to be educated”, Jean-Christophe Bonn concluded.

Karen Khachatryan

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