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Uncultivated lands in Armenia can be used for development of organic agriculture, says German expert

YEREVAN, MAY 26, ARMENPRESS. The organic agriculture branch of Armenia has great development potential, however the development pace is proceeding slowly.

ARMENPRESS talked to Stefan Dreesman, representative of Saxony’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection, about prospects of development, existing potential and issues of the branch in Armenia.

The German expert has arrived in Armenia to participate in the programs jointly organized by the ACBA Credit Agricole Bank and Germany’s Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) – aimed at assisting the sector’s producers and boosting the development of organic agriculture.

ARMENPRESS – Mr. Dreesman, in your assessment , in what state is Armenia’s organic agriculture branch? What opportunities do you see for the development of this branch in Armenia?

Mr. Dreesman – I am sure that the development of organic agriculture is a possible process in Armenia, just like in the entire world. Worldwide people want to buy ecologically clean products, that’s why the demand for these products is growing. In addition, the number of people engaged in agriculture is also increasing, who are willing to process products without using chemical materials. The profit is larger for people who are engaged in organic agriculture, compared to those who are engaged in traditional agriculture. In terms of profit, it is beneficial for  demand and agricultural businesses.

Great potential of organic agriculture exists in Armenia. The volume of usage of chemical materials till now wasn’t large, and this is also a positive trend for the development of organic agriculture. In addition, many land areas of agricultural significance are uncultivated, that’s why it is possible to use such areas for organic agriculture. Climate conditions enable to cultivate several agricultural products without chemical additives.

Stefan Dreesman said this is his 4th visit to Armenia. “Although it’s been a few days that I’m here, I’ve already seen that many investments have been made in the branch and I’ve notices the change of the sector”, he said, adding that many greenhouses and plantations have been built, and previously uncultivated lands are being used. 

The full interview is available in Armenian.

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