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Armenia can participate in fight against IS as CSTO member state in case of necessity – political scientist

YEREVAN, MAY 6, ARMENPRESS. Armenia can have its participation in the fight against the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in the sidelines of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, “Armenpress” reports political scientist Alexander Markarov told “Armenpress”, commenting on the announcement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Russia will achieve the surrender of the Islamic State terrorist organization.  “The power units of the CSTO member states involved in Collective Rapid Reaction Forces are in the state of permanent readiness. Russian military bases located in Tajikistan, Kirgizstan and Armenia are also in the state of permanent readiness. As far as this evil is not eradicated our priorities remain the same”, Lavrov has said. “The Collective Security Treaty Organization, to which Armenia is a member, is an important component for Russia in the fight against terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a priority for that organization. If we observe Armenian-Russian cooperation, including in the sidelines of the CSTO, we can say that in the framework of the cooperation the two states, using their potentials, can act as subjects fighting against the “Islamic State”, the political scientist said, adding that at the moment this can sound more theoretical, but in case of necessity the potentials of all the member states can be used for that goal.

Referring to Lavrov’s announcement that the Russian military base in Armenia is in the state of permanent readiness, Markarov noted that the base is not only comprised of soldiers and cannons, but also the reconnaissance component that gathers information. “In case of a necessity the potential of the potential of the Russian base can be used against the “Islamic State” even if this can seem theoretical at the moment.  But if we talk about Armenia’s involvement, we mean not its direct involvement , but in the sidelines of the CSTO, where we have Collective Rapid Reaction Forces. And this is when we have proposed to have an active unit there which can act in case of escalation, including international terrorism”, the political scientist clarified.

He also stated that Russia also attaches importance to cooperation with those countries for which the “Islamic State” can be a threat. Alexander Markarov reminded that in his statement Lavrov also mentioned Tajikistan and Kirgizstan for which the infiltration of various forms of Islamic fundamentalism is a serious threat. 

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