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Despite Israel’s denialism its people definitely recognize the Armenian genocide - Yair Auron

YEREVAN, APRIL 15, ARMENPRESS. Despite Israel denies the Armenian Genocide, the people of Israel stand with Armenians. The Jewish people definitely recognize the Armenian Genocide, Israeli researcher and lecturer, Genocide scholar Yair Auron told “Armenpress”.

“I can say for sure that Israel will not recognize the Armenian Genocide this year and during the upcoming years, which is a deep pain and shame for me. But the people of Israel have the same position as me and stand with us for sure. Still 30 years ago the people had no idea about the Armenian Genocide, but now everybody knows. Since those years this issue has been covered by many news outlets and TV programs. And the people by learning about that have come to the conclusion that the genocide of Armenians has really taken place. Today only the genocide of Jews is a subject of studies at Jewish universities and schools, but the Armenian Genocide is bypassed. But at the university where I am a professor a branch has already been opened where the Armenian Genocide is touched upon and discussed”, Yair Auron said, adding that already hundreds of students have graduated from the university who know about the Armenian Genocide.

The genocide scholar’s interest in the “Medz Yeghern” (Armenian Genocide) arose when he first read in a news outlet in 1986 that Israel support Turkey and denies the Armenian Genocide. He could not understand the denialism of his country. Yair Auron thinks Armenians should go on with their struggle until other countries and peoples also recognize the genocide.

Referring to the position of the international community Yair Auron noted that nearly 200 countries are UN member states, while only 2-3 dozens of them have recognized the Armenian Genocide, which is a great shame for humanity.  

Anna Grigoryan 

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