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ARMENPRESS denies Thomas De Waal’s allegations on misquotation

ARMENPRESS denies Thomas De Waal’s allegations on misquotation

The March 29 ARMENPRESS article entitled ‘Thomas De Waal doesn’t see Nagorno Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan in future’ received a wide response from both experts and the public.

British expert Thomas De Waal, who was quoted in the article, announced that he has been misquoted and said on Twitter: “Misquoted. I said NK would get self-rule, perhaps confederation with Azerbaijan, not be fully subordinate to Baku”.

In the modern era of information technologies, checking the essence of Thomas De Waal’s announcement doesn’t pose a big difficulty.

During the press conference in the “Media Center”, the expert said the following:

«When I said self-rule, I’m talking about self-rule which could mean independence, it could mean a confederation with Azerbaijan, there are different options, but I’m not talking about… I don’t think we will see in the future a Karabakh which is directly a region of Azerbaijan, I don’t think that’s going to happen, let me be clear about that, it could be in a confederation or it could be independent from Azerbaijan. But there are many issues around that to be resolved in the future, and it’s not for me to decide, I’m just making a prediction.”

Thomas De Waal's speech was not misquoted in the abovementioned article of Armenpress news agency. The British expert's speech was presented accurately. (Insignificant details of the article and the transcript can differ solely because the correspondent has been using the translation)

In order to debunk the suspicions of the famous expert, the audio and video recording of his response during the press conference is available below, starting at minute 37:32.



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