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“Chess teaches patience, diligence” Armenia’s Champ Maria Gevorgyan

YEREVAN, MARCH 29, ARMENPRESS. Maria Gevorgyan has won the Armenian Women’s Chess Championship for the second consecutive time.

Maria was hosted in ARMENPRESS and the pretty honest conversation got a lot more interesting in front of the chess board.

Maria even played a round of chess with ARMENPRESS director Aram Ananyan.

How did you begin playing chess, who guided you?

I learned to play chess when I was 3. My grandfather taught me. I began to attend chess classes when I was 7, and I was already playing in the Women’s first league at 8. A funny thing happened, when I was on the stage one of the players said “take the kid off the stage”, they replied “the child is playing here”. I was even able to gain one point in that tournament. My grandfather and I didn’t play seriously, however there was always chess around the house. My mother also plays chess.

You are Armenia’s champion for the second consecutive year. Unlike the previous year there was tension till the end this time. What will you say about it?

Last year I was better prepared and I played more confidently. Although my confidence was present this year too. However it was unexpected that I lost to Siranush, the reason was the pre-game, everything got tenser.

What’s the difference between this year and the last year?

I think this year there was a stronger team. The guys were playing better and there was competition.

It is two years since you are in the national team. What’s the team like from inside?

We are very close with other players of the team. Unfortunately we didn’t have a team tournament last year, but instead we do have it this year, which is more exciting.

Maria, what’s the reason that chess is so much loved in Armenia?

I think because Aronian has progress, because chess is already taught in schools, it contributes to popularization.

And what plans do you have for the future?

Now I am preparing for the European Women’s Individual Championship. It will take place in Riga, Latvia.

Deviating a bit, who is your favorite chess player?

Bobby Fischer, because if we compare with other chess players, the difference is huge in terms of the quality of the game. Magnus Carlsen already belongs to another chess era, chess where the computer exists.

What about a favorite chess piece?

The Queen.

Is chess science or sports?


Do you play against the chess pieces or the player?

More like you play against yourself.

What does chess teach?

Not being emotional, accept loss calmly, diligence, patience.

What does it mean for you being Champion of Armenia?

For every athlete it’s a great honor to play in the national team.

Thank you

Varvara Hayrapetyan

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