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Over a dozen Armenian military drill/dances might get introduced in military educational facilities

YEREVAN, JANUARY 11, ARMENPRESS. Gagik Ginosyan, Nagorno Karabakh War veteran and founder, artistic director of the “Karin” folk song and dance ensemble says it is necessary to include military drill dances in the educational programs of military educational institutions. According to him a program has been designed jointly with the defense ministry, which had to be initiated back in September, but was postponed. “Probably the changes in the Cabinet were the reason of postponement. We haven’t yet discussed this issue with the new minister, because he is newly appointed there are priority issues to be addressed, but the program is ready. Significant work has been done with the ministry. I think this issue shouldn’t be pushed aside because military dance drills have originally been one of the pillars of the soldiers’ discipline”, Ginosyan told ARMENPRESS.

Ginosyan emphasized initially the problems were linked with the insufficient number of dances, but after appropriate actions this number has now grown to 15, which, according to Ginosyan can be debuted on stage and get introduced in military educational institutions.

“This includes several aspects: not only does it form a collective spirit, but it’s also important in terms of ideological discipline, since the dances should also be interpreted in terms of what they symbolize, how they originated and from what region. The first step is introducing it in military educational institutions, in order to make our investment more controllable. Without this we can’t think about introducing the military dance drills in the army”, Ginosyan said.



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