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Expert on Arabic studies: Targeting Armenian community of Aleppo can be guided by Turkey

YEREVAN, JUNE 11, ARMENPRESS. Expert on Arabic studies Armen Petrosyan says Turkey may have played a role in targeting the Armenian community during the Aleppo shelling.

He said several structures in fact used the ceasefire regime which was established in Syria at the end of February, to organize new attacks in northern Syria. The ceasefire regime is not maintained in Aleppo, northern Syria. During this period a military aid was sent from Turkey to “Jabhat al-Nusra” and other groups.

“During the recent 10-15 days intensive actions are being carried out in Aleppo against the Kurdish people, and several Armenian districts are being bombarded. Turkey has its signature here. Why “Jabhat al-Nusra”, which fights against the “Islamic State”, should attack the Kurdish people who also fight against the “Islamic State”. That’s why, it is obvious that Turkey solves several issues here”, Armen Petrosyan said.

He said the military operations were intensified in the Armenian districts at the end of May causing both material and human losses. Yesterday, an Armenian also died by Aleppo explosion.  

All this shows that a strong fight is underway in Aleppo, and the recent meeting between the Defense Ministers of Syria, Iran and Russia was aimed to make further steps in the northern Syria. It is obvious that it is an important territory for the Syrian authorities.

Referring to the military operations against the “Islamic State” in Syria, expert on Arabic studies Sargis Grigoryan stated that the military operations in the northern Syria enable the IS not to have border with Turkey.

“It is not a secret that the financial, human, military assistance was coming from that border. But now, without that border, the IS in fact does not receive such assistance. The military operations against the IS are important in a sense that the group losses several territories and remains in insecure territories”, Sargis Grigoryan said.

Turkey quickly tries to implement its plans. It is related to the fact that Russia and Iran will again become more active. Armen Petrosyan said Turkey perfectly understands this and wants to solve issues related to Kurds, as well as the Armenian community of Syria in a short period of time. However Kurds strengthen their positions, and Turkey fails.

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