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Expert on Arabic studies: Azerbaijan equals to “Islamic State”

YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS. Azerbaijan equals to the “Islamic State”, Azerbaijani servicemen equals to the “Islamic State” militant, expert on Arabic studies Sargis Grigoryan expressed such an opinion in “Armenpress” press hall.

“The “Islamic State” was not involved in the 4-day war in the line of contact at the beginning of April. The websites that serve the interests of the “Islamic State” did not release any information these days. However, we know that many Azerbaijanis are fighting in the ranks of the “Islamic State” and other groups. We saw that the crimes committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces were not different from those of the “Islamic State”. The evidence of all these exists. One of the reasons is that those Azerbaijanis, who fought in Syria and Iraq, come to Azerbaijan, share their “heroic deeds”, so the Azerbaijani servicemen follow that experience”, said Sargis Grigoryan.

Referring to the reaction by the Arabic media on the Karabakh events, Sargis Grigoryan stated that from the very start the Arabic media released the information provided by the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Armenia. The reason for that was that the Arabic media was quiet the first few hours of the news. However, the Arabic media, overall, was not in favor of Armenians.  

“I would like to speak about one important thing. Currently the “Islamic Cooperation Organization” summit is being held in Istanbul, it has always been famous for its anti-Armenian stance. Our Foreign Ministry should work here, the cooperation with this organization is very important for us”, the expert on Arabic studies said.  

According to an expert on Iranian studies Rudik Yaralyan Azerbaijan, starting the 4-day war, was trying to check the approaches of regional countries such as Turkey, Iran towards the Nagorno Karabakh issue.  

“In case of Turkey we saw that except from the anti-Armenian actions, it is not ready for far-reaching actions. Concerning Iran, we saw that it adopted rather balanced stance. It means that Azerbaijan did not reach its goal. Azerbaijan even made provocations, fired 3 shell in the territory of Iran, then, skillfully, according to it, moved towards the Armenian side, but Iran was not even given to that provocations and stayed in its stance”, the expert on Iranian studies said. According to him, Iranian media even put into circulation such theses that have not previously been. In particular, there were some discussions at expert level to take this opportunity and expand the Iranian-Armenian border from 40 km to 120 km. The expert on Iranian studies thinks that the recognition of Nagorno Karabakh independence is in the context of this thesis.

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