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Armen Greig convinced in success of “The Last Inhabitant”

YEREVAN, MARCH 29, ARMENPRESS.  Armen Greig (Grigoryan) considers his role played in the film “The Last Inhabitant” directed by Jivan Avetisyan as the best one. The actor has no doubts that the film on Artsakh theme will be a success. In an interview with “Armenpress” the actor speaks about his role, work with Jivan Avetisyan and future plans.


Armen Greig - about the role

I play the role of an Azerbaijani commandant in the film. He is rather strict and has his own vision of what he does and why he fights. He is a soldier who fights for his country. I can put myself in his shoes, because he fulfils orders. We do not now talk about what are the root causes of the fights. He fights and does it quite well. He has also good features, he has good worldview, but the relations between the two countries are in such a state that you cannot do anything.

I relied on my instinct

I just relied on my instinct, imagined the role and tried to shape his character. To what extent I managed to do that, you will see on the screen.


Not a “Popcorn” film

I believe the film does not fit in the “popcorn” genre. It is a film requiring special attention. I am convinced it will be a success. The important things in this film are the human feelings, relations, friendship and only after that war and its consequences. I believe the film will be a great success.

I have seen Jivan’s films...

I knew Jivan (director of the film-edit.) before taking part in the film. We attended the Cannes Festival together in 2013, and I have seen some works by Jivan.

I was pleased to receive an invitation to become part of the film despite my small participation in it. As an actor, it was easy for me to work with him. I believe this is one of my best roles for which I am grateful to him.


Future plans

Unfortunately, I spend little time working in Armenia; I work in India, Emirates. Now I have started to work also in Moscow. We have completed the pilot screening of a soap opera about special services in Moscow. I play the role of Timur there. He is the captain of a special unit. Parallel, I am filming in a movie in Emirates called “Elixir of life”. I finished the filming in the Hollywood film “War machine” where I embodied soldier Greco. Some part of the film was shot in Emirates. Brad Pitt stars in the film. Filming of a new film will kick off in Dubai in April, where I embody an owner of a restaurant. I will also work in Armenia. I am going to embody a special agent in a Russian soap opera “Fathers”.

The music written by world famous Armenian rock musician Serj Tankian for Jivan Avetisyan's new film “The Last Inhabitant” was recorded in Armenia.  National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia, headed by artistic director and principal conductor Eduard Topchyan, and Hover” State Chamber Choir, headed by artistic director and conductor Sona Hovhannisyan, are involved in the recording of the music.

The shooting of the “The Last Inhabitant” film takes place in Artsakh. The film is about people who have fallen from a lost paradise into hell but are saved by love, virtue, and self-sacrifice. It introduces the events of 1988-89. The film is connected with Artsakh and Sumgait tragedies which left an imprint on the fates of thousands of people. Numerous incidents happened to people that are of universal importance. So they must be noticed and told…

World-known Iranian actor Homayoun Ershadi, Sandra Daukšaitė, Armenian actors Sos Janibekyan, Aleksandr Khachatryan, Naira Muradyan, Babken Chobanyan and many others star in the film.

Roza Grigoryan

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