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Serj Tankian touched by story of “The Last Inhabitant” film: Exclusive interview

Serj Tankian touched by story of “The Last Inhabitant” film: Exclusive interview

YEREVAN, MARCH 18, ARMENPRESS. Prominent American-Armenian rock singer, soloist of “System of a Down” rock band Serj Tankian makes confident steps into cinema music. Film lovers who have watched “The 1915” film by Alec Muhibian and Garin Hovanisian  were gratly impressed by Tankian’s talent in composing. The fans of the world famous singer have now another reason to be proud of. He wrote the music of Jivan Avetisyan’s film “The Last Inhabitant”. The film will be put in front of the public in the second half of the year, and before that “Armenpress” had an opportunity to speak to Tankian about the film and the music.

-Dear Serj Tankian, first of all we are very grateful to you for agreeing to answer our questions. It is fantastic to see you as a composer of a new Armenian movie. What was it like working on the music for Jivan Avetisyan's new film “The Last Inhabitant”? How were you asked for writing music?

-I met Jivan through a mutual friend. He reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reading the script for “The Last Inhabitant At the same time I got a chance to see his film “Broken Childhood” and was very moved by his intimate storytelling excavating humanity from inordinate times of war. I was then invited to see Tevanik in L.A. and was impressed by that effort as well so decided to get on board for composing "The Last Inhabitant." Jivan has a unique perspective and storytelling ability in his films. His cinematography coupled with the landscape of Artsakh make for compelling footage.

-What is special in “The Last Inhabitant” for you? What inspired you during your work on “The Last Inhabitant”?

-I was mostly inspired by the narrative in the film, the pain felt by both the protagonist Abgar and his Azerbaijani friend Ibrahim and his family. I was very touched by this friendship of 2 people who had clearly grown up together, bringing up their children together, now seemingly separated by invisible walls of war.

-Do you think the movie will be successful one?

-I hope so.

-What are you working at now? Any music for another Armenian movie?

-I am working on a number of film and non-film projects right now, but none I will discuss until the right time.

The music written by Serj Tankian for Jivan Avetisyan's new film “The Last Inhabitant” was recorded in Armenia.  National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia, headed by artistic director and principal conductor Eduard Topchyan, and Hover” State Chamber Choir, headed by artistic director and conductor Sona Hovhannisyan, are involved in the recording of the music.

The shooting of the “The Last Inhabitant” film takes place in Artsakh. The film is about people who have fallen from a lost paradise into hell but are saved by love, virtue, and self-sacrifice. It introduces the events of 1988-89. The film is connected with Artsakh and Sumgait tragedies which left an imprint on the fates of thousands of people. Numerous incidents happened to people that are of universal importance. So they must be noticed and told…

World-known Iranian actor Homayoun Ershadi, Sandra Daukšaitė, Armenian actors Sos Janibekyan, Aleksandr Khachatryan, Naira Muradyan, Babken Chobanyan and many others star in the film.

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