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Movses Demirchyan: Talks that RPA tries to saddle other forces with responsibility are ungrounded

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 11, ARMENPRESS.   Political expert Movses Demirchyan finds the opinions that the Republican Party of Armenia tries to saddle other forces with responsibility of state administration as ungrounded. In his words, judging by the posts and spheres that the ARF representatives, according to rumors, will assume, are not of key importance from the standpoint of state administration. Hence, there can be no talks of great responsibility. “We have defense, security and social problems, and the sphere of education is not a priority. In fact, those are not the spheres that are linked to the existence of the state. In the same logic, those who will assume the posts cannot say that they take great responsibility”, Demirchyan told “Armenpress”.

According to him, ARF’s previous experience in forming coalition was not so effective. They introduced some legislative and executive initiatives, but they brought no changes. “During the previous coalition, when ARF possessed portfolios, no major developments or changes occurred in those spheres”, the expert noted.  He clarified his remarks by bringing the example of ARF assuming the post of the minister of education previously, but they failed to fulfil their program, promised in their pre-electoral campaign, of creating a national educational system. Movses Demirchyan is surprised that 1-2 years ago the ARF declared itself an opposition party, but today it explains its desire to form a coalition by that it wants to take some responsibility in improving some sectors.

“I have concerns regarding governance: nothing will change irrespective of whether they will assume the posts of ministers of governors. Both the ministers and governors carry out one and the same state policy, irrespective of which party they represent, the ideologies coincide or no”, Movses Demirchyan said.  The expert did not rule out the possibility of such cooperation with other political forces. “Parties always represent some segment of the public on a political level. In this case it is not known whose interests the ARF will protect forming coalition. They must declare that they strive to solve these or those issues, but the problem is that parties elaborate such global programs, that it is necessary to assume the entire government to implement them”, Movses Demirchyan added.


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