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Paris terrorist attack escalated necessity of West’s and Russia’s joint struggle against IS: Analysis

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 16, ARMENPRESS. The terrorist acts in different part of Paris on November 13 proved that even the most powerful countries of the world are no longer immune to the growing threats of terrorism. The extremist Islamists who have become a real headache for the Middle East countries will not limit themselves with local actions and will expand the geography of their terrorist acts putting in danger the innocent people of even the most safe places one can imagine.

The extremist organization “Islamic State” has been bombarding the countries of the Middle East for already several years resulting in the death of thousands of people and destruction of a number of cultural values. Though the Western countries used to declare about the struggle against the ISIS, the struggle more and more started to resemble a mere formality leading to no tangible results. Moreover, the extremist Islamists, taking the advantage of financial support from Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s obvious sponsorship, expanded like a lethal virus penetrating into more and more regions. IS members organized daily explosions in Syria and Iraq which resulted in new tragedies.

However, IS crimes committed in the countries of the Middle East for over 5 years did not receive the same resonance as that of Paris on November 13. The capital of France was not a random choice. The “Islamic State” has been threatening the French Government for a long time. And the main reason for those threats has been the bombings of ISIS carried out by the French army since September, 2015 in Syria and Iraq.

The terrorist attack in France was a “cold shower” for the leaders of the superstates, forcing them to once again seriously think over the growing threats and look for new solutions. The countries of the West understood that the danger coming from the extremist Islamists was not limited to Middle East region but is a real threat for any country.  Targeting of a powerful European country like France was an alarm call for the West bringing to the foreground the idea of a joint struggle against that threat together with Russia. It is not incidental that many analysts and politicians of Western countries voiced the necessity of accepting Russia’s suggestion of forming a coalition for the struggle against the ISIS considering it the only path to salvation which will wipe the “Islamic State” from the face of the earth. 

By Araks Kasyan 

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