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Financialexpress: Armenia is ancient country with modern heart

Financialexpress: Armenia is ancient country with modern heart

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 12, ARMENPRESS. Indian journalist Sudipta Dev published an article headlined “Ancient Land, Modern Nation” in Financialexpress based on her visit to Armenia and impressions received from Armenia.  “Armenpress” reports that Sudipta Dev mentions that Armenia is a country of ancient churches and monasteries. “Armenia is an ancient country that has a modern heart, it treasures its traditions but has great expectations from the future. Despite deep rooted scars of a strife-ridden history, it is a land whose people hold peace close to their heart. Every visitor to Armenia would know that it is not just a destination of ancient churches and beautiful landscapes, but also a journey that makes him discover an unknown facet of his soul. Irrespective of the religion of the traveller, it remains a spiritual journey to the world’s first Christian nation”, the author wrote.

“Armenia is a land of churches and monasteries, many dating back to the early Christian era. The most important is the Echmiadzin Cathedral, which is the Mother Church of Christianity in Armenia. The cathedral, that it currently undergoing restoration, was established by St Gregory. It also houses a museum that is an important repository of religious artefacts. Echmiadzin and Sevan monasteries have seminaries and visitors can see young seminarians coming out of the church after prayers or walking around in the precinct. The Sevan monastery with its beautiful black tuff churches presents a scenic backdrop against the backdrop of the picturesque blue Sevan Lake. A short distance from Yerevan is the Geghard monastery which has been carved into the mountain, where people go to take the holy water that comes from a natural source. This monastery is only a short drive away from Garni Temple, the only pre-Christian legacy of Hellenistic architecture in the country”, she mentioned, adding the Mount Ararat (currently in Turkey) is also considered sacred in Armenia as it is believed that Noah’s Ark came to rest in Mount Ararat.

The journalist also tells about her visit to Yerevan. She says that she was most impressed by the Republican Square, “Cascade”, and Cafesjian Center for the Arts.

Sudipta Dev considers her visit to Tsitsernakaberd memorial one of the most important ones. “The genocide museum is a painful reminder of the sad history of the nation that has seen the death of 1.5 million people and till today carry the grief in their heart. The photographs of the orphans of the genocide, women and children sent to Syrian Desert without food and water, heart-rendering videos, methods of mass killing depicted, are tragic reminders of the darkest hours for the Armenians. All photographs were taken by eye witnesses who saw the genocide. Today as many as 25 countries recognize the genocide, which for Armenians was not only the death of its people but also a cultural genocide”.




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