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Francois Rochebloine: Azerbaijan obviously attacks Armenia

BRUSSELS, SEPTEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS.  Member of National Assembly of France, Francois Rochebloine, considered Azerbaijan’s activities on the border with Armenia and the contact line with Nagorno Karabakh as unacceptable. He expressed his worriedness over escalation of the situation on the border by Azerbaijan in an interview with the reporter of “Armenpress”.

 “War in itself is unacceptable. Shooting on civilians is unacceptable. Shooting on soldiers, even though there is a ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Karabakh, already has to be condemned”, mentioned the French parliamentarian.

He emphasized that he is not surprised at what has happened, as it is alreadt lasting time that Azerbaijan has intensified shooting on Nagorno Karabakh contact line. “I have just returned from Karabakh, I was there last Sunday. I haven't been on the front-line this month but I was there in May. I have seen the situation as it was, I heard bullets flying by. There is not a day or night without Azerbaijan firing, with stronger and stronger weapons. Soldiers are killed and today they even shoot on civilians. It is entirely unacceptable”, Rochebloine told “Armenpress”, adding that   It is an obvious frontal attack from Azerbaijan on Armenia.

“I call upon France, its government and its ministry of foreign affairs to intervene and put pressure on the foreign ministry of Azerbaijan to make sure these unacceptable acts cease. This has to happen very soon. When I see that certain French members of parliament support this Azerbaijan I find this unacceptable”, he concluded.

Two civilians were killed by rival shooting in Berdavan community of Tavush Province on September 24. Two more were injured. Sona Revazyan, 1974, and Shushan Asatryan, 1921, are the victims. Earlier it became known that in another bordering community of Tavush, Paravakar, Paytsar Aghajanyan , 83, was killed by rival fire.

On September 25, at about 17:30, conservation area of one of the Defense Army north-eastern units was shelled by Turkish made TR-107 multiple rocket launchers by the Azerbaijani armed forces which resulted in fatal shrapnel wounds to four Defense Army servicemen: Norayr Khachatryan, 1995, Robert Mkrtchyan, 1995, Harut Hakobyan, 1997, and Karen Shahinyan, 1997. 

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