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"The Eyewitness": Turk has no soul, 103-year old Armenian Genocide survivor claims

YEREVAN, MAY 12, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian Genocide, initiated in the Ottoman Empire during the World War I in the beginning of the previous century, is one of the biggest crimes against humanity. Advancing the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide the new project introduced by Armenpress news agency is dedicated to the story of the eyewitnesses and survivors of the calamity to prove the world one more time that our demand for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is fair and justified.

This time the project is dedicated to the story of Lusik Andreasyan, who was born in 1912 in Kars. Despite the poor health conditions and sharp deterioration of her eyesight, the eyewitness-survivor of the Armenian Genocide didn’t turn down our suggestion to recall her birthplace.

“I was but 3 years old. My mother took me here with her. We fled and left our household there. We fled without clothes, without goods, without anything. I was born in Kars, my child. We escaped to save our souls,” Lusik Anreasyan stated.

Andreasyan said that she had parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters. The eyewitness recalled her mother Sanam and father Toros. She noted that her grandfather Margar enjoyed a good reputation in Kars. The family left the historical homeland as soon as they learned about the enemy’s coming. They left all their household and riches there.

In addition, the heroine underscored: “We were dying. We lost our sun in weeping and mourning. They killed us, murdered: the Turk has no soul.” Lusik’s 5-year old sister couldn’t survive hunger and thirst any longer and died.

“Do you know what those dogs did? They killed the children. They covered young girl’s faces with black mazut, so that the Turks could see they are dirty and leave them alone. They raped and beat them to death,” Andreasyan concluded. (THE FULL VERSION OF THE ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE IN ARMENIAN)

Article by Tatevik Grigoryan and Ani Nazaryan

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