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Genocide movie presents destiny of five missionaries

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 2, ARMENPRESS: A movie, devoted to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, is being prepared and tells about the destinies and stories of five women missionaries, who helped the Armenian people. The film “Map of Salvation” will tell about the universal pain and the challenges, a nation faced and the five missionary women, coming from different parts of the world to help. The screenwriter and producer of the film is the Founding Director of Mann Pictures Manvel Saribekyan, who told Armenpress about the movie “Map of Salvation”.  

The film is a full-length featured episodes documentary. The original language is English. The film will be translated into Armenian, French, German, Russian and other languages as well. The film is about the life and death, salvation and demolition and humanity and violence. This is an ode to the struggle and triumph of life. The film, healing the grief of thousands of people and emerging feelings of pride and gratitude towards the courageous women, will be interesting for the Armenians around the world and other nations as well, who faced the same challenges, and certainly those, who still doubt about the wording “Armenian Genocide”.  
The film tells about the universal tragedies of the 19-20thcenturies, especially the humanitarian movement, generated like a wave of protests and riots during the Armenian Genocide.

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