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Armenia is always in my heart: U.S. youngest grandmaster Samuel Sevian

Armenia is always in my heart: U.S. youngest grandmaster Samuel Sevian

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 16, ARMENPRESS: Samuel Sevian (born December 26, 2000) is an American chess prodigy of Armenian descent. He was born in Corning, New York. He currently holds the record for the youngest ever United States International Master at the age of 12 years and 10 months, besting Ray Robson's previous record by three months. He accomplished it by completing all the norm performances and reaching a FIDE rating of 2401 during the course of tournament play in Budapest, Hungary in November 2013. Sevian accomplished it while being the reigning World Champion in his age group U12. Sevian became an IM-elect by completing all three International Master norms before he turned 12. In an interview with Armenpress News Agency, Sevian confessed that his favorite chess player is Garry Kasparov, but he likes watching Levon Aronyan’s matches.-Samuel, who first introduced you to the chessboard and when?

-I have made my first steps in the chess with the help of my father at 3.  

-How did it happen that you liked the chess so much?

-After learning the chess rules I started solving small tasks, which my father presented me in form of games. I enjoyed it. Beginning from the age of 5, I started participating in competitions, which were very interesting and rich in emotions.

-Specialists, chess players and just chess loving people speak of your great success. How would you assess your success of being the youngest grandmaster in the USA?

-Surely, I am proud that specialists and chess players speak of my successes, but actually I do not focus on that, I just try to improve my knowledge and to win in each match.

-Being one of the most promising chess players in our time, do not you have weak points?

-Surely, I have. I waste much time trying to estimate all the lines, which leaves little time for the last 30-40th steps and it is easy to make mistakes just that time. At the moment I am working at proper distribution of my time.

-Samuel, do you have a favorite chess player?

-Kasparov is my favorite chess player. Of course, I also love following Levon Aonyan’s matches.

- Levon Aronyan was distinguished by his creative way of playing, Tigran Petrosyan was a master of defense. What chess philosophy do you follow? Which is your style?

-It is very early to think of my playing style. Now I need learning, deepening the chess knowledge, after which my style will be formed.

-Tigran Petrosyan said that the chess is a game by its form, art by its content and science by the difficulty of gaining mastery in it. What is the chess for you?

-I agree with Tigran Petrosyan, but the chess is still a sport for me. 

-You play under the U.S. flag. Can it happen that one day you decide to play in the staff of the Armenian team, under the Armenian flag?

-I was born in the USA, I present that country, but Armenia is always in my heart. It is very early to think of it.

-Samuel, your father is a chess player too. Do you compete with each other?

-I have always played an ordinary chess, but now we mainly play in the Fischer round and sometimes my dad wins. He is the most authoritative chess player for me. We have done my first steps in the chess together, we go to my matches together up to now and his advices are the most important for me.

-Are you interested in other sport styles apart from the chess. And do you have a favorite athlete?

-I like football very much and follow all the games of the Armenian team. I like Mkhitaryan and Movsisyan. I like hockey, I am the fan of Boston Bruins. I play basketball in my free time, I like swimming.

-When will we see Samuel in Amenia?

-I would like to be in Armenia more frequently. Just my competition graphic is very full. I hope in near future big tournaments will be organized in Armenia, in which I will participate with great joy.

Interview by Varvara Hayrapetyan



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