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Azerbaijan begins to put up with the loss of NKR and build housing array for refugees

YEREVAN, JANUARY 16, ARMENPRESS: It was finally acknowledged in Azerbaijan that instead of speaking about refugees in international instances it would be better to find shelters for its own citizens who became refugees in a result of aggression towards Nagorno-Karabakh population. As we can see Baku has put up with the reality of NKR and that Artsakh will never be the part of Azerbaijan. This is the reason that Azerbaijani government has decided to build new housing array in Apsheron, as temporary residence for 90,000 displaced people who live in Baku. Under this project, there have been 380 hectares allocated near the village of Gobu (20 km from Baku) and documents for another 120 hectares have been drawn up.

As reports Armenpress, referring to contact.az news agency, the work is underway to design a new town. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov, head of the State Committee for Refugees on January 15 at a government meeting of the results of 2012. The new residential area will provide a number of jobs.

However, he noted the need to allocate another 500 hectares for the temporary residence of 110,000 people displaced.  Within the area, armed forces will be located as well as schools, day care centers, seized residential buildings and other objects.

Since 2003, the Oil Fund and other sources have allocated funds to build 77 modern towns with 31,000 apartments for 140,000 IDPs.

Hasanov said that the apartment buildings built in Apsheron in 2013, will be given to displaced people living in hostels at BSU and the Oil Academy.

Last year, 352 houses were built for Ahiska Turks refugees, he said. According to Hasanov, in 2013, funds to improve the living conditions and other problems of internally displaced persons with 575 million manat allocated, including 237 million manats from the state budget, AZN 300 million from the Oil Fund, and 38 million as aid from international organizations. This will improve the living conditions for another 20 thousand people. So, eight villages and residential areas will be built in Ganja, Barda, Absheron, Imishli, Garadagh, Gabala, and Balaken.

In 20 years, to address the problems of internally displaced persons, money spent was AZN 4.3 bn, including AZN 2 bn from the state budget, AZN 1.5 bn from the Oil Fund and AZN 0.8 bn from international organizations.



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