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Turkey wants to become a “leading country” by its unpromising politics of starting war with Syria

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 9, ARMENPRESS. Turkish – Syrian relations became very tens after Syrian armed forces bombed Turkish city Akchakale that caused conversations about possible war. Notwithstanding, one thing is for sure – in conditions of tensed and critical situation inside the country war is in no way admissive for Syria. Hence, it is Turkey in the role of initiator of war, who is aiming several further targets by this step.    

One of the utmost problems of Turkey is the Kurdish factor that became much more dangerous for Turkish authorities after the Syrian crisis. It has been much spoken about, that Kurdish rebels took power in several cities near the Turkish – Syrian national border. This preoccupies official Ankara greatly, as even a slightest independence of the Kurds in this region is pregnant with danger of uprising manifestations against Turkish powers in South – Eastern regions, where many Kurds dwell, that can cause movement for creation of independent Kurdistan.  

The next reason of Turkish authorities for war with Syria is an ambition of becoming a leading country among Islamic states of Near East. Many times Erdogan and other Turkish political figures while talking about foreign politics mentioned the idea of “primate-state”. This is thought to be one of the bright examples of neoosmanism ideology in modern Turkish politics. Turkey wants to defeat Syria and show other countries, that there is a ‘’strong country’’ in the region in Turkey’s face.

These all self-evident facts prove that conversations about Syrian bombing in Turkish territory are probably one of the experiments of Turkish diplomacy, as it happened in case of elimination of Turkish F – 4 military airplane.


Araks Kasyan


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